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There are many different systems for specifying colors. Different output devices will often use different systems. For example, color displays, which work with emitted or transmitted light, typically use red, green, and blue primary colors. Color printing, on the other hand, which works with reflected light, typically uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black as primary colors. The built-in Mathematica color directives RGBColor, Hue, and CMYKColor handle the most common systems. This package gives color directives using other standard systems. For more information on color output and Mathematica, see the section covering color output in The Mathematica Book.

Specifying colors in different systems.

This loads the package.

In[1]:= <<Graphics`Colors`

This gives the RGBColor that corresponds to the specification given in the YIQColor system.

In[2]:= YIQColor[0.5, -0.1, 0.2]


This package also contains specifications for common colors. These take the form of an assignment of a RGBColor to the name of the color. Thus, for example, Aquamarine is RGBColor[0.498001, 1., 0.831401] and Black is RGBColor[0., 0., 0.].

This gives the specification for orange.

In[3]:= Orange