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The Standard Add-on Packages

The Mathematica system contains a large number of built-in functions. Most versions of Mathematica also include a collection of standard add-on packages that define many additional functions in areas such as algebra, calculus, graphics, discrete and numerical mathematics, number theory, and statistics. This book describes those functions.

In addition to the standard add-on packages, there are an immense number of specialized add-ons available for Mathematica. Some of these add-ons are distributed by Wolfram Research; for a current listing, see our web site at or contact Wolfram Research. Many add-ons are also available through the Mathematica Information Center at

Directories of standard add-on packages.

The standard add-on packages are divided into directories, each corresponding to a different topic. This introduction gives examples of the use of packages from each directory. Package functions are described in detail in the topic chapters. Functions that have made the transition from the standard add-on packages to the Mathematica kernel in Version 4.0, such as the Fourier, Laplace, and Z transforms, are also noted in the appropriate topic chapters.

Reading in standard add-on packages.

Throughout this book, packages are specified with the backquote character (`) used in Mathematica as a context mark. The appendices include information on contexts and how to set up Mathematica packages.