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The function ShowTime uses the built-in function Timing to print timing information for each evaluation. After the package is loaded, ShowTime is automatically applied to every evaluation. Automatic printing of timing information can be turned off using Off[ShowTime] and turned back on using On[ShowTime].

Automatic printing of timing information.

This loads the package.

In[1]:= << Utilities`ShowTime`

The time required to evaluate this numerical integral is printed before returning the result.

In[2]:= NIntegrate[x^2 BesselJ[x, x], {x, 0, 1000}]


This turns automatic timing off.

In[3]:= Off[ShowTime]

Timing information is printed if ShowTime is entered explicitly.

In[4]:= ShowTime[N[Sum[1/n, {n, 1, 30000}]]]