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Mathematica Applications from Wolfram Research

Giving you direct access to Mathematica's powerful programming language and expansive collection of computational commands, each application package provides an incredibly rich and flexible working environment.

Advanced Numerical Methods

State-of-the-Art Algorithms for Systems and Control

Control System Professional

The First Comprehensive Environment with Integrated Symbolic Capability

Control System Professional Suite

Powerful, Integrated Tools for Control

Database Access Kit

Read, Write, Analyze, and Modify Database Files with the Power of Mathematica

Digital Image Processing

Powerful, Fast Image Processing and Analysis with Digital Image Processing and Mathematica

Dynamic Visualizer

3D Graphics in Real Time

Experimental Data Analyst

Fitting, Visualization, and Error Analysis with the Power of Mathematica

Electrical Engineering Examples

Circuit Analysis, Transmission Lines, and Antenna Design with the Power of Mathematica

Finance Essentials

Design and Analyze Proprietary Financial Systems

Fuzzy Logic

The Most Flexible Environment for Exploring This Emerging New Field

Mathematica Link for Excel

Break out of Your Cells!

Mechanical Systems

Motion Analysis of Rigid Body Systems

Neural Networks

Train and Analyze Neural Networks to Fit Your Data

A New Kind of Science Explorer: Mathematica Kit

Use your Mathematica to extend the discoveries of A New Kind of Science


A New Generation System for Optical Design and Analysis

Parallel Computing Toolkit

Unleash the Power of Parallel Computing

Scientific Astronomer

The World's Most Sophisticated General Astronomy System

Signals and Systems

The Only Signal Processing and Analysis Tool with Complete Symbolic Power

Structural Mechanics

Elastic Systems and Finite Elements with Full Symbolic Capability

Time Series

A Fully Integrated Environment for Time-Dependent Data Analysis

Wavelet Explorer

New Generation Signal and Image Analysis