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Wolfram Education Training

M100: An Introduction to Mathematica

This one-day training course gives students direct experience with the basic Mathematica features needed for them to become proficient Mathematica users. The course is designed primarily for people who are interested in becoming proficient Mathematica users but who currently have little or no experience with the system. This course can also be helpful for experienced users who would like to broaden their basic understanding of Mathematica and for those interested in learning exactly what the system can do.


Introduction: step-by-step instruction on performing basic operations, description of sources for additional information, and a tour of the features of the system

Notebooks and Typesetting: discussion and practice with interactive input, output, typesetting, and formatting features

Graphics: examples and exercises related to plotting, labeling plots, and manipulating graphical expressions

Programming: introduction to the Mathematica programming language with emphasis on familiar programming tasks

Mathematics: tour of mathematical features of the system

All Wolfram Education Group offerings are "hands-on" interactive courses and are taught by certified instructors in a professional computer classroom environment.

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