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Wolfram Education Training

M110: Working with Data Using Mathematica

This one-day course provides the foundation for using Mathematica to perform basic tasks in manipulating and analyzing data, including import and export of data, manipulation of data sets, basic data analysis, and visualization of data with Mathematica. The course is designed for people who work with data and wish to improve their skills at using Mathematica for manipulation of data. Typical students include engineers, physicists, analysts in finance, and those in the physical sciences and the life and medical sciences.


Introduction: brief overview of the basic components of Mathematica that will be needed in the rest of the course, including list and matrix manipulation, use of packages, introduction to statistics and regression tools, and programming in Mathematica

Importing and Exporting Data: reading and writing to files, giving file format specifications, formatting input, and working with nonnumerical data

Data Manipulation and Analysis: descriptive statistics, statistical distributions, random numbers, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, linear and nonlinear regression, interpolation, resampling of data, data smoothing, and sorting

Data Visualization: basic plots and options, logarithmic plots, error bars, plots of multiple data sets, bar charts, surface and density plots of data, and plot legends--including text in graphics, arrays of plots, and plots of scaled data

All Wolfram Education Group offerings are "hands-on" interactive courses and are taught by certified instructors in a professional computer classroom environment.

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