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M310: Digital Image Processing

This course presents the theory and practice of digital image processing with Mathematica and focuses on the Digital Image Processing package. The features and capabilities of the package are demonstrated, and numerous examples and practical hands-on exercises are included. The material is presented as a sequence of eight one-hour lectures. Each lecture covers a major image processing topic, typically consisting of a discussion of the basic theoretical concepts and including examples that illustrate relevant, practical imaging problems. The lectures are followed by exercise sessions to help students understand the material and to provide a focused and practical learning experience.

The course is designed primarily for people who need to analyze and process imaging data with Mathematica. Students typically have wide-ranging backgrounds and include engineers and professionals in the physical, life, and medical sciences.


Introduction: lists, matrices, and images; basics of programming with Mathematica; image representation and display

Image Histogram and Point Operations: first- and second-order image histograms, contrast enhancement via point transformations, histogram equalization, and color transformations

Geometric Operations: image resizing, interpolation and decimation, affine spatial transformations (rotation), and higher-order spatial transformations (warp)

Linear Processing: convolution and correlation, linear filtering, FIR filters, blurring, sharpening, and edge detection

Selective Processing: block processing, region-of-interest processing, and line profiles

Nonlinear Processing: nonlinear noise reducing filters (e.g., median, outlier, and adaptive) and image morphology

Frequency Domain Processing: fourier analysis and unitary image transforms: DFT, DCT, DHT, and DWT

Performance and Extensions: packed arrays, Compile, J/Link, and Java Advanced Programming (JAI)

All Wolfram Education Group offerings are "hands-on" interactive courses and are taught by certified instructors in a professional computer classroom environment.

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