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FilledSmallSquare Assuming[assum, expr] evaluates expr with assum appended to $Assumptions, so that assum is included in the default assumptions used by functions such as Refine, Simplify and Integrate.

FilledSmallSquare Assuming affects the default assumptions for all functions that have an Assumptions option.

FilledSmallSquare The assumptions can be equations, inequalities or domain specifications, or lists or logical combinations of these.

FilledSmallSquare Assumptions from nested invocations of Assuming are combined.

FilledSmallSquare Assuming[assum, expr] is effectively equivalent to Block[$Assumptions = $Assumptions && assum, expr].

FilledSmallSquare Assuming converts lists of assumptions , , ... to && && ... .

FilledSmallSquare See Section 3.3.10.

FilledSmallSquare See also: Block, Module, Refine, Reduce.

FilledSmallSquare New in Version 5.0.

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