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FilledSmallSquare NumberSigns is an option for NumberForm and related functions which gives strings to use as signs for negative and positive numbers.

FilledSmallSquare NumberSigns -> "sneg", "spos" specifies that "sneg" should be given as the sign for negative numbers, and "spos" for positive numbers.

FilledSmallSquare The default setting is NumberSigns -> {"-", ""}.

FilledSmallSquare NumberSigns -> "snleft", "snright", "spleft", "spright" specifies strings to put both on the left and right of numbers to specify their signs.

FilledSmallSquare In AccountingForm, the default setting is NumberSigns -> {{"(", ")"}, ""}.

FilledSmallSquare See Section 2.9.7.

FilledSmallSquare See also: SignPadding.

FilledSmallSquare New in Version 2.

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