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Input and Output

FilledSmallSquare Support for WYSIWYG fully editable two-dimensional typeset input and output.

FilledSmallSquare Extended Mathematica language incorporating special characters and two-dimensional notation.

FilledSmallSquare Over 700 special characters for mathematical and other notation.

FilledSmallSquare Support for traditional math textbook notation for output and heuristic input.

FilledSmallSquare Top-quality typeset output with advanced adjustable layout rules.

FilledSmallSquare Complete symbolic language for specifying two-dimensional typeset structures.

FilledSmallSquare Two-dimensional input and manipulation of arrays and matrices.

FilledSmallSquare Complete support for international character sets and Unicode.

FilledSmallSquare TeX conversion with line-breaking information.

FilledSmallSquare Optimized textual import and export of typeset structures.