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Notebook Interface

FilledSmallSquare Programmable documents based on underlying symbolic representation.

FilledSmallSquare Symbolic language for specifying user interface operations.

FilledSmallSquare Customizable palettes that can execute any kernel or front end operation.

FilledSmallSquare Integrated active elements and hyperlinks in notebooks.

FilledSmallSquare Separate style environments for screen and printing.

FilledSmallSquare New style sheets for varied document types.

FilledSmallSquare Language-based control of all features of text, graphics, cells and notebooks.

FilledSmallSquare Inline typesetting and graphics embedded in text.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced text formatting capabilities including full text justification.

FilledSmallSquare Integrated customizable notebook-based online help with hyperlinks and the full text of this book.

FilledSmallSquare Fully platform-independent notebook file format.

FilledSmallSquare Notebook conversion to TeX, HTML and other external formats.

FilledSmallSquare Option inspector for interactive control of all notebooks and front end properties.

FilledSmallSquare Keyboard commands for editing and notebook navigation; drag and drop.