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Numerical Computation

FilledSmallSquare Major optimization of dense numerical linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare New optimized sparse numerical linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare Support for optimized arbitrary-precision linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare Generalized eigenvalues and singular value decomposition.

FilledSmallSquare LinearSolveFunction for repeated linear-system solving.

FilledSmallSquare norms for vectors and matrices.

FilledSmallSquare Built-in MatrixRank for exact and approximate matrices.

FilledSmallSquare Support for large-scale linear programming, with interior point methods.

FilledSmallSquare New methods and array variable support in FindRoot and FindMinimum.

FilledSmallSquare FindFit for full nonlinear curve fitting.

FilledSmallSquare Constrained global optimization with NMinimize.

FilledSmallSquare Support for -dimensional PDEs in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Support for differential-algebraic equations in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Support for vector and array-valued functions in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Highly extensive collection of automatically accessible algorithms in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Finer precision and accuracy control for arbitrary-precision numbers.

FilledSmallSquare Higher-efficiency big number arithmetic, including processor-specific optimization.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced algorithms for number-theoretical operations including GCD and FactorInteger.

FilledSmallSquare Direct support for high-performance basic statistics functions.