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Symbolic Computation

FilledSmallSquare Solutions to mixed systems of equations and inequalities in Reduce.

FilledSmallSquare Complete solving of polynomial systems over real or complex numbers.

FilledSmallSquare Solving large classes of Diophantine equations.

FilledSmallSquare ForAll and Exists quantifiers and quantifier elimination.

FilledSmallSquare Representation of discrete and continuous algebraic and transcendental solution sets.

FilledSmallSquare FindInstance for finding instances of solutions over different domains.

FilledSmallSquare Exact constrained minimization over real and integer domains.

FilledSmallSquare Integrated support for assumptions using Assuming and Refine.

FilledSmallSquare RSolve for solving recurrence equations.

FilledSmallSquare Support for nonlinear, partial and difference equations and systems.

FilledSmallSquare Full solutions to systems of rational ordinary differential equations.

FilledSmallSquare Support for differential-algebraic equations.

FilledSmallSquare CoefficientArrays for converting systems of equations to tensors.