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FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing is an option for Cell, StyleBox and StyleForm which specifies the spacing between successive lines of text.

FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing->c, 0 leaves space so that the total height of each line is c times the height of its contents.

FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing->0, n makes the total height of each line exactly n printer's points.

FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing->c, n makes the total height c times the height of the contents plus n printer's points.

FilledSmallSquare A typical default setting is LineSpacing->{1, 1}, which leaves space for the contents of the line, plus 1 printer's point (approximately of an inch) of extra space.

FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing->{2, 0} makes text "double spaced".

FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing-> 1, -n tightens text by n printer's points.

FilledSmallSquare LineSpacing applies both to ordinary text and Mathematica expressions.

FilledSmallSquare In ordinary text, LineSpacing determines the spacing between lines produced by automatic linebreaking. For lines produced by explicit Return characters ParagraphSpacing is added.

FilledSmallSquare In Mathematica expressions, LineSpacing is used whether lines are produced by automatic linebreaking or by explicit Return characters.

FilledSmallSquare Extra space specified by LineSpacing is inserted equally above and below a line, except that no extra space is inserted before the first line or after the last line of an expression or cell.

FilledSmallSquare See Section 2.11.10.

FilledSmallSquare See also: FontSize, ParagraphSpacing.

FilledSmallSquare New in Version 3.