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FilledSmallSquare NSolve[lhs==rhs, var] gives a list of numerical approximations to the roots of a polynomial equation.

FilledSmallSquare NSolve[, , ... , , , ... ] solves a system of polynomial equations.

FilledSmallSquare NSolve[eqns, vars, n] gives results to n-digit precision.

FilledSmallSquare NSolve[eqns, vars] gives the same final result as N[Solve[eqns, vars]], apart from issues of numerical precision.

FilledSmallSquare See Section 1.6.3, Section 3.4.2, Section 3.9.1 and Section 3.9.5.

FilledSmallSquare Implementation Notes: see Section A.9.4.

FilledSmallSquare See also: Solve, FindRoot, NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Related package: NumberTheory`Recognize`.

FilledSmallSquare New in Version 2; modified in 4.1.

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