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FilledSmallSquare HoldPattern[expr] is equivalent to expr for pattern matching, but maintains expr in an unevaluated form.

FilledSmallSquare HoldPattern has attribute HoldAll.

FilledSmallSquare The left-hand sides of rules are usually evaluated, as are parts of the left-hand sides of assignments. You can use HoldPattern to stop any part from being evaluated.

FilledSmallSquare Example: expr /. HoldPattern[Integrate[y_, x_]] -> rhs transforms any subexpression of the form Integrate[y_, x_] in expr. Without the HoldPattern, the Integrate[y_, x_] in the rule would immediately be evaluated to give x_ y_, and the replacement would not work.

FilledSmallSquare Example: f[HoldPattern[Integrate[y_, x_]]] := value can be used to make an assignment for expressions of the form f[Integrate[y_, x_]]. Without HoldPattern, the Integrate function would be evaluated at the time of assignment.

FilledSmallSquare See Section 2.6.6.

FilledSmallSquare See also: Hold, Verbatim.

FilledSmallSquare New in Version 3.

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