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Syntax of symbolization declarations.

Symbolize is used to treat a class of composite boxes internally as symbols. It is sometimes necessary and desirable to be able to symbolize composite objects; for example, to be able to attach rules to a composite object, it must be treated as a symbol.

This declares that the composite object ScriptCapitalDScriptOScriptMScriptAScriptIScriptNPartialD should be treated as a symbol.

The package has created a FullForm name for the composite symbol ScriptCapitalDScriptOScriptMScriptAScriptIScriptNPartialD.

You can now attach rules to the composite symbol ScriptCapitalDScriptOScriptMScriptAScriptIScriptNPartialD.

The above rule for ScriptCapitalDScriptOScriptMScriptAScriptIScriptNPartialD is now tried before the rules of DomainIntegrals.

Symbolize also symbolizes classes of expressions, for example, to symbolize all objects subscripted by Rule.

Anything subscripted by Rule is now treated as a symbol.

You can use symbolized box structures as pattern variables in definitions. This lets you create formulas in a more familiar notation. However, you must use pattern expressions of the form CompositePatternVariable : PatternContent otherwise Mathematica may interpret the pattern expression as CompositePatternVariable PatternContent.

This defines the transmission coefficient for an incident wave packet on a potential step under certain conditions.