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The option Action

The Action option and its possible values.

The Notation, Symbolize and InfixNotation option Action determines what a notation statement does with the rules it generates. The default value of the Action option is CreateNotationRules, which causes the generated notation rules to be entered into the system.

This creates a notation for pure functions more in keeping with that of traditional mathematics.

Pure functions now use this new notation.

If the Action option is set to RemoveNotationRules, then the notation rules are removed from the system. Using the option value RemoveNotationRules in a notation statement is equivalent to using the appropriate RemoveNotation, RemoveSymbolize or RemoveInfixNotation statement.

This removes the above notation from the system.

Now the special notation for functions is no longer defined.

By setting the option Action to PrintNotationRules, you can view the rules generated by a notation statement. Examining the MakeExpression and MakeBoxes rules is often useful to give you an idea of the underlying box structures that are used in your notation statement.

This prints the MakeExpression and MakeBoxes rules corresponding to the given Notation.