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Expression Formatting in Mathematica Notebooks

A few examples of Mathematica's unprecedentedly powerful expression formatting capabilities.

Recursive Expressions

This shows successive nesting in an ordinary expression.

RadicalBox is an expression formatting primitive that is displayed as a radical.

This creates a recursive button structure.

This creates another recursive typeset structure.

Manipulating Box Structures

Here is a typical Mathematica expression.

This shows the box representation of the expression.

This replaces every superscript in the expression by an overscript.

This puts a frame around row boxes at every level.

Changing Styles

This makes characters with a sequence of different sizes.

Here the size of the characters increases quadratically.

This makes characters with a sequence of different hues.

This function wraps a StyleBox with random option settings around any expression.

Here is the result of applying randomized styles to a string of characters.

Coloring Expressions

Here is a sequence of expressions colored with progressively different hues.

This generates a list of colors, using each color as the background for its name.

Coloring Box Structures

This defines a function that randomly colors boxes in an expression.

Here is an example.

This defines a function that colors row boxes according to depth.

Visual Bracket Matching

This finds pairs of brackets in an expression, applying a transformation to them.

This defines a function that resizes brackets according to their depth.

Here is an expression with a range of levels.

This shows brackets at different levels with different sizes.

This defines a function that colors successive levels of bracketing differently.

Here is an example.

Here is another example.