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Square Roots

How to type

To get a square root sign, press the Control key and the 2 key (or the @ key) at the same time.

Press ControlKeyLeftModified2 RightModified or ControlKeyLeftModified@ RightModified

Type inside the placeholder (which is already selected).

Type x

Press the Control key and the Space bar at the same time to get out of the square root.

Press ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

How to type

Repeat the steps of the example for .

Press ControlKeyLeftModified@ RightModified, type x, press ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

Type the second square root in the same way as the first.

Press ControlKeyLeftModified@ RightModified, type y, press ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

How to type

Press Control-@ to get a square root sign.

Press ControlKeyLeftModified@ RightModified

Type the expression in the placeholder (which is already selected). Get out of the square root sign by pressing Control-Space.

Type x y, press ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey

Another way to type

Start by typing the expression that will be inside the square root.

Type x y

Select the expression. (You can select by dragging, by pressing Control-Dot repeatedly, or by clicking the expression repeatedly.)

Select x y

Press Control-@ to put a square root around the selection. Get out of the square root by pressing Control-Space.

Press ControlKey LeftModified@ RightModified, press ControlKeyKeyBarSpaceKey