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FilledSmallSquare InputAutoReplacements is an option for cells that determines if Mathematica should automatically apply a specified set of replacement rules to text being entered in a notebook.

FilledSmallSquare The replacement rules to be applied are specified as a list, each element of which has the form, "string1" Rule"string2".

FilledSmallSquare This option allows you to control the appearance of selected expressions or operators in a notebook. Some replacement rules that are usually set by default are as follows.

"Rule" Rule "\[Rule]"

":>" Rule "\[DelayedRule]"

"<=" Rule "\[LessEqual]"

">=" Rule "\[GreaterEqual]"

"!=" Rule "\[NotEqual]"

"==" Rule "\[Equal]"

FilledSmallSquare See also: ImportAutoReplacements, ExportAutoReplacements.