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Setting Options: An Example

Suppose you want to draw a frame around a cell. The option that controls this property of a cell is called CellFrame.

To draw a frame around a cell:

1. Select the cell by clicking on it.

2. Click Format RightTriangle Option Inspector... to open the Option Inspector window.

3. Click Selection from the first pop-up menu.

4. Click Cell Options RightTriangle Display Options. This gives a list of all options that control how a cell is displayed in the notebook.

5. Click the box next to the option CellFrame and use the pop-up menu displayed to change the setting to "True." A bullet appears next to the option, indicating its value has been changed. The cell that you had selected now has a frame drawn around it.

Alternatively, you can type "cell frame" in the textbox and click Lookup. This leads you directly to the CellFrame option without having to search by category. The Lookup feature provides a useful way to locate an option if you are unsure of the category it belongs in.