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Animate Selected Graphics

FilledSmallSquare Animate Selected Graphics animates graphics in the current selection, typically a cell group.

FilledSmallSquare The animation is displayed in the position of the first graphics cell; you may need to scroll to make the first graphics cell visible.

FilledSmallSquare Double-clicking a graphic in a group of cells also starts the animation.

FilledSmallSquare Keyboard shortcuts: ControlKeyLeftModifiedy RightModified(Windows); CommandKeyLeftModifiedy RightModified(Macintosh); ControlKeyLeftModifiedy RightModified(X).

Animation Controls and Settings

FilledSmallSquare To stop the animation, click anywhere in the notebook or press any key. When the animation starts, a palette of speed and direction control buttons appears in the notebook window.

FilledSmallSquare These buttons set the options AnimationDisplayTime and AnimationCycleOffset on the selected cell objects.

FilledSmallSquare You can also use the following keyboard commands: