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FilledSmallSquare Convert To InputForm converts the selection to Mathematica InputForm.

FilledSmallSquare The expression is regenerated in the specified format type by the Mathematica kernel. Syntactically incorrect expressions will generate an error.

FilledSmallSquare This command requires a kernel to convert StandardForm or TraditionalForm cells.

FilledSmallSquare The conversion process will remove any Mathematica comments in the cell.

FilledSmallSquare This command can convert PostScript, PICT, and Bitmap graphics into Mathematica graphics primitives.

FilledSmallSquare This command can convert sounds into a list of numbers (samples) in the form of a Mathematica list.

FilledSmallSquare See Reference Guide: InputForm.

FilledSmallSquare Keyboard shortcuts: ShiftKeyKeyBarKeyBarControlKeyLeftModifiedi RightModified(Windows); ShiftKeyKeyBarCommandKeyLeftModifiedi RightModified(Macintosh); ShiftKeyKeyBarKeyBarControlKeyLeftModifiedi RightModified(X).