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External Clipboard

FilledSmallSquare External Clipboard controls how the Edit RightTriangle Paste menu command works in an X front end. (X only.)

FilledSmallSquare This menu item provides a way to customize how the paste command works, since pasting is implemented differently in different X applications. If you set External Clipboard RightTriangle Clipboard, whatever was copied to the clipboard last (i.e., cut or copied from another application) will be pasted.

FilledSmallSquare If you set External Clipboard RightTriangle Selection, the current selection is pasted. If you have trouble pasting from your favorite application, you might want to try setting External Clipboard to Selection instead of Clipboard.

FilledSmallSquare The setting for this menu command can also be changed using the global option "XPasteFrom" in the Option Inspector.

FilledSmallSquare See: "XPasteFrom".