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X Environment Information...

FilledSmallSquare X Environment Information brings up a dialog box that displays the current attributes of the X front end environment. (X only.)

FilledSmallSquare The dialog box lists display, window, and keyboard attributes, as well as directory paths.

FilledSmallSquare The physical keys associated with Mod1Key and Mod2Key can be changed using the Find keys and modifiers button.

FilledSmallSquare The pure keys radio button, when set, forces the X front end to ignore manufacturer keycodes that are modified by anything except the ShiftKey key. Some X servers bind keysyms when holding down the Mod1Key or Mod2Key key with another key. In order for some front end key bindings to work correctly, this radio button may need to be set. For example, if the server has mapped ControlKeyLeftModified6RightModified to the one quarter keysym, then the front end will not be able to use this keystroke to typeset superscripts.