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3D ViewPoint Selector...

FilledSmallSquare 3D ViewPoint Selector lets you interactively select a viewpoint for three-dimensional graphics.

FilledSmallSquare Keyboard shortcuts: ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKeyLeftModifiedv RightModified(Windows); ShiftKeyKeyBarCommandKeyLeftModifiedv RightModified(Macintosh); ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKeyLeftModifiedv RightModified(X).

FilledSmallSquare The currently selected viewpoint is shown by a schematic cube with the x, y, and z axes labeled. There are three ways of controlling the viewpoint:

- Drag the cube to change the orientation of the viewpoint without changing its distance from the cube.

- Move the three scroll bars surrounding the cube.

- Change the viewpoint coordinates in the editable text fields in the lower right of the dialog box.

FilledSmallSquare The text fields and scroll bars can be set to control either the spherical coordinates r, theta, and phi; or the Cartesian coordinates x, y, and z by using the corresponding radio buttons.

FilledSmallSquare Once you have chosen a viewpoint, paste the input string describing it with the Paste button. The viewpoint input is pasted at the insertion point in the current notebook.