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Create Automatic Numbering Object...

FilledSmallSquare Create Automatic Numbering Object sets up automatic numbering in the current notebook.

FilledSmallSquare The counters available in a particular notebook are usually defined by the style sheet. The default style sheet defines counters named Section, Subsection, Subsubsection, Equation, Figure, and Table.

FilledSmallSquare Counter values can be displayed either as they exist at the location of the display, or as they exist at a remote location defined by a cell tag.

FilledSmallSquare A counter named Page is always available, but it is only valid when the option to show page breaks is turned on.

FilledSmallSquare Counter values are set and incremented by the options CounterAssignments and CounterIncrements.

FilledSmallSquare The counter display can be controlled using the options CounterStyle and CounterFunction.

FilledSmallSquare See The Mathematica Book: Section 1.10.14.