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Create Table/Matrix/Palette...

Create Table/Matrix/Palette sets up an empty GridBox object.


Makes a GridBox with no special options.


Rows and columns are the width of the widest element with parentheses around the matrix.


Makes a GridBox filled with buttons, with various options set to give the appearance of a palette.

Fill with

Sets the initial values for the elements with the specified value.

Fill diagonal

Sets the initial values for diagonal elements with the specified value. Can be used in conjunction with "Fill with".

FilledSmallSquare See also: GridBox.

FilledSmallSquare Keyboard shortcuts: ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKeyLeftModifiedc RightModified(Windows); ShiftKeyKeyBarCommandKeyLeftModifiedc RightModified(Macintosh); ShiftKeyKeyBarControlKeyLeftModifiedc RightModified(X).

FilledSmallSquare See also: CounterStyle, CounterFunction.