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Evaluate Cells

FilledSmallSquare Evaluate Cells sends the currently selected cells to the kernel for evaluation.

FilledSmallSquare Only cells with the option EvaluatableRuleTrue (normally cells in the Input style) will be evaluated. All other cells will be ignored.

FilledSmallSquare If you currently do not have the appropriate kernel running, it will be started for you (see the Default Kernel and Notebooks Kernel submenus).

FilledSmallSquare A cell may have a private kernel specified (see the Evaluator option), in which the cells you evaluate may be sent to different kernels. The output from multiple kernels will be placed after the corresponding input cells as soon as it is received. This means output from lower cells may be placed before output from higher cells.

FilledSmallSquare Keyboard shortcuts: ShiftKeyKeyBarEnterKey(Windows); ShiftKeyKeyBarReturnKeyor EnterKey (Macintosh); ShiftKeyKeyBarEnterKey(X).

FilledSmallSquare Pressing EnterKey by itself (in Windows and X) does not evaluate a selection--it produces a line break.