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4.2.2 Copying Files off a File Server

Another convenient way to install Mathematica on a client is to copy the files from a file server on the network. This is an efficient way of making Mathematica available to a large number of users without having to supply a CD to each user. Typically, the file server will be the same machine as the license server, but this is not required.

To install Mathematica on Mac OS X off a file server:

1. Insert the Mathematica 5.0 CD in the file server.

2. On the client machine, click Go RightTriangle Connect to Server in the Finder menu.

3. In the dialog box that appears, choose a file server from the list or enter the machine name or IP address of the file server in the Address field. Then click Connect.

4. Enter your name and password in the dialog box that appears. Then click Connect.

5. A dialog box appears, showing a list of volumes on the file server. Select the volume in which Mathematica 5.0 is installed. Then click OK.

6. The volume you selected is mounted on the client machine. Double-click the icon representing the volume.

7. Navigate to the location where Mathematica 5.0 is installed. Then drag the Mathematica bundle from the file server to the location on the client machine where you wish to install Mathematica. In order for all users to have access to Mathematica, you should install it in a central location, such as the Applications folder. You may need to log in as administrator to do this.

The first time you run Mathematica, you will be asked to personalize your copy (as explained in Section 4.2.1). To personalize your copy, you will need to enter a network password, which is the name or IP address of a license server running MathLM.

After you install Mathematica, you may place the Mathematica 5 icon into the Dock for easier access. To do this, start Mathematica, click the Mathematica icon in the Dock until a pop-up menu appears, and then choose Keep in Dock.