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4.2.1 Using a CD

Before you install Mathematica on a client, MathLM should already be installed and running on a license server on the network. To complete the Mathematica installation, you will need to know the name or IP address of the license server running MathLM.

A Mac OS X license server can also function as its own client. In other words, you can install and run Mathematica on the same machine that is running MathLM. However, this setup is not recommended because, if the machine has to be rebooted, the serving of licenses to all other clients on the network may be disrupted.

To install Mathematica on Mac OS X using a CD:

1. Insert the Mathematica CD. The Mathematica CD window appears on your screen.

2. Drag the Mathematica 5 icon to the location on your hard drive where you wish to install Mathematica. In order for all users to have access to Mathematica, you should install it in a central location, such as the Applications folder. You may need to log on as administrator to do this.

3. Mathematica. starts up and the following dialog box appears. Click the radio button marked Network License. Then enter the name or IP address of the MathLM license server in the space provided.

4. Click OK. Mathematica launches and is ready for use.

After you install Mathematica, you may place the Mathematica 5 icon into the Dock for easier access. To do this, start Mathematica, click the Mathematica icon in the Dock, and in the pop-up menu, choose Keep in Dock.