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3.3.2 Installation on a Remote Machine

It is possible to install Mathematica across a network on a machine without a CD-ROM. It is also possible to run the installer on one type of computer system and install Mathematica on a different computer system. In this discussion, assume there are two machines: one called localhost, which has a CD-ROM drive, and one called remotehost, which is the target machine to run Mathematica.

First, mount the CD on localhost, using the appropriate mount command (see Section 3.1). Then you have two choices.

  • Through the network, export the CD and mount it on remotehost. Change directories on remotehost so that the current working directory is /cdrom/Installers/platform, where platform is the system type of remotehost.

  • Through the network, mount the hard drive that will store the Mathematica distribution on localhost. You will need to specify the system type of the remote machine when prompted by the installer.

You can then run MathInstaller and do either a full or minimal installation, as described in Section 3.3.1.