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3.3.4 Key Facts about the Unix Installer

There are some features of the installer that may affect you during the installation process. For convenience, they are listed here.

  • The installer does not expand the tilde character (~) in directory names. You must use full pathnames at all times.

  • If the installer cannot perform the requested task, an error message is displayed on the screen. For example, if you do not have permission to write to the specified installation directory, you will be prompted to specify another location. More critical errors, such as errors caused by automatic installation options and syntax errors that occur when running the script, are written to an installation log file. If such a file is created, it is first saved in /tmp and then moved to the installation directory after the installation is completed.

  • Executable shell scripts are generated automatically as part of the installation and saved in the installed layout in the $InstallationDirectory/Executables directory. The installer will prompt you for a location in which to create symbolic links to the executable scripts whenever something exists in this directory. These shell scripts automatically determine which system they are on, and they will try to execute the program they correspond to for that platform. If the program the script is trying to run is not installed for the platform the user is running on, an error message is displayed.