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2.2.2 Running the Installer off a File Server

Another convenient way to install Mathematica on a client is to run the installer remotely off a file server. This is an efficient way of making Mathematica available to a large number of users without having to supply a CD to each one. Typically, the file server will be the same machine as the MathLM license server, but this is not required.

Installing Mathematica from a file server requires two steps.

1. Copy the installer executable and all files in the Mathematica distribution from the CD 
onto the file server.

2. Run the installer off the file server to install a local copy of Mathematica on the client.

Step 1 only needs to be done once, while step 2 must be repeated for each client on the network. The details of each step are as follows.

To install Mathematica on Windows using a file server:

1. Copy the installer and the Mathematica files to the file server.

a. Insert the Mathematica CD into the drive on the file server. The CD window will appear on the screen. Click the button labeled Browse the contents of the CD-ROM.

b. An Explorer window appears showing the contents of the CD-ROM. Navigate your way through the files on the CD-ROM to the folder called PC__8_3\Files\Instfile.

c. Copy the Instfile folder from the CD onto the file server's hard disk, in a location accessible to external users over the network.

2. Install the Mathematica files on the client.

a. From the client, connect to the file server and open the Instfile directory that was created in step 1.

b. Run the file Setup.exe.

c. Once the installer launches, follow the same steps as for installing off a CD (see Section 2.2.1).