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A.3 Installing a Single-Machine Copy on Mac OS X

Section 4.2 described how to install Mathematica on a Mac OS X client so that it uses a network license supplied by a license server. This section describes how to install and run Mathematica using a single-machine password. To complete the installation you will need to contact Wolfram Research and obtain a password (see Section 1.4.2 for details).

To install a single-machine copy of Mathematica on Mac OS X:

1. Insert the Mathematica CD. The Mathematica CD window appears on your screen.

1. Drag the Mathematica 5 icon to the location on your hard drive where you wish to install Mathematica.

2. Mathematica starts up and the following dialog box appears. Click the radio button marked Single Machine. Enter your name, the name of your organization, and your license number in the text boxes provided. The license number is printed on the license certificate included in the box. Click OK when you are done.

3. Enter your password in the space provided. Contact Wolfram Research to obtain a password (see Section 1.4.2 for details). You will need the MathID shown in the dialog box and the license number printed on your license certificate. Click OK when you are done.

Note: If you chose not to enter license information in steps 3 or 4, you can still run in MathReader mode. In this mode you cannot create or edit notebooks, but you can view and print them.