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5.1.1 Introduction

The program used to manage licenses in Network Mathematica is called MathLM. Using MathLM, you can manage licenses for all copies of Mathematica on a TCP network from a single machine, the license server. The license server can be a Windows, Unix, or Mac OS X machine. To run Mathematica with a network license, MathLM must be running on the license server at all times.

Once MathLM is running, it acts as a gatekeeper for new Mathematica sessions. Based on the password entry or entries listed in the mathpass file, MathLM sets up the appropriate number of process slots for each class of computer covered by the network license. Each slot allows for the execution of a single front end or kernel process. For a one-process network license, one slot is set up for running the kernel and one slot for running the front end.

When a Mathematica front end or kernel starts up under a network license, it has to get a license from MathLM before it starts taking user input or performing calculations. If the client machine making the request is not of a type covered by the license, or if all of the process slots are already in use, the Mathematica process cannot be started. You may then be prompted to enter a single-machine password.

This chapter provides information about running MathLM once it is installed on a license server. For information on installing MathLM on Windows, Unix, or Mac OS X, see Section 2.1, 3.2, or 4.1, respectively.