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5.1.2 Key Features

MathLM includes several features to simplify the task of monitoring and controlling license activity. Some of the key features are summarized below.

  • The format for logging server messages is fully customizable using the -formatlog option. To simplify automated parsing and analysis of the log file, the default format is the W3C Common Logfile Format.

  • The amount of information received from the server can be customized using the -verbose option. There are four levels of verbosity to choose from, depending on how closely you wish to monitor MathLM.

  • You can use a separate application called MonitorLM to monitor the details of license activity. The output from MonitorLM is more detailed and customizable and can be sent to the terminal, written to a file, or viewed in a web browser.

  • You can write simple restriction scripts to allow or deny access to specified users, machines, or groups. The syntax of restriction scripts is similar to that used for restricting access to HTML files in web servers, and thus builds on knowledge most system administrators already have.

  • Mathematica reports the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), IP address, and other information to MathLM, which can be used with the new restriction features or simply for better monitoring.

  • The -trfile option provides an easy way to substitute alternative text for error messages. This is useful for displaying error messages in languages other than English.