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Using Online Help

Use the Help Browser to get immediate access to thousands of pages of documentation and examples, or go to

Use the text field to enter search terms. Click Go to display the associated notebook.

The highlighted items in the columns track your search path.

The resulting help notebook is displayed below the columns. You can evaluate input, copy and paste from the Help Browser to another notebook, or print out information with the Print menu command.

Use the buttons for different search categories:

Built-in Functions

Information on built-in functions in the Mathematica kernel, including further examples.

Add-ons & Links

Information on application packages installed with your Mathematica system, including MathLink and J/Link.

The Mathematica Book

The complete text of Stephen Wolfram's The Mathematica Book.

Front End

Information about menu commands, front end options, style sheets, expression input, and much more.

Getting Started

An online version of this manual.


Take a tour of Mathematica.


A collection of notebooks and palettes demonstrating a few of Mathematica's capabilities.

Master Index

The master index of all the items in the Help Browser.

To get information on a built-in function:

With the cursor immediately after a function name, press F1 on Windows or the HELP key on Macintosh. The Help Browser opens and displays the information from Built-in Functions.

To use the Master Index to find information on a particular topic:

1. Open the Help Browser to the Master Index window by clicking Help RightTriangleMaster Index.

2. Start typing in the text field. As you type, the first matching entry is highlighted in the columns below the buttons.

3. Press EnterKey. The window lists all available help.

4. Click a hyperlink. The Help Browser jumps to that topic and displays the information.

5. To return to the index, click the Back button. Click another hyperlink to see other help.


Bullet For more information on Mathematica, including frequently asked questions, visit the Technical Support website at

Bullet All documentation is available online at

Bullet You can highlight any text, copy it to the Clipboard, and paste it into the text field of the Help Browser.

Bullet If Mathematica beeps, you can find out why by choosing Help RightTriangleWhy The Beep?.