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Creating and Using Hyperlinks

A hyperlink is a special kind of button that jumps to a different cell in a notebook, a different notebook, or a URL.

To create a cell tag for the destination of a hyperlink:

1. Select the cell that will be the destination of the hyperlink.

2. Choose Find RightTriangleAdd/Remove Cell Tags. A dialog box appears.

3. Type a word or phrase that will identify the current cell. Click Add. The phrase is now a cell tag. The new tag is shown in the list of tags for the current cell and for the entire notebook.

To create a hyperlink:

1. Go to the cell where the hyperlink will be placed.

2. Select the words that will represent the link.

3. Choose Input RightTriangleCreate Hyperlink.

4. Choose the type of hyperlink you want.

Bullet To link to a web page, select Other Notebook or URL and type in the URL of the web page.

Bullet To link to another Notebook, select Other Notebook or URL, click Browse, and locate the target Notebook.

Bullet To link to another cell in the current notebook, select a cell tag from the list of tags in the dialog box.

5. Click OK. The text is now underlined, indicating that it is a link.


Bullet Once a hyperlink is created, the link is always active. To edit the text of a hyperlink, click near the link. Using the arrow keys, move the cursor into the hyperlink text and make your changes.

For more information

BulletHyperlinks and active text: The Mathematica Book, Section 1.3.7.