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Creating Palettes

You can make your own palettes that allow you to perform functions by clicking buttons.

To create a palette that pastes expressions:

1. Choose Input RightTriangleCreate Table/Matrix/Palette.

2. Click Palette.

3. Specify the dimensions of the palette in the dialog box. When you click OK, a blank palette will be inserted in your notebook.

4. Insert whatever you want into each entry in the palette. You can use TabKey to go from one entry to the next.

5. Select the cell containing the palette.

6. Choose File RightTriangleGenerate Palette from Selection.

A separate window containing the palette appears.

Click a button in the palette to paste its contents into your current notebook.

To create a palette that performs evaluations:

1. Set up an empty palette using Input RightTriangleCreate Table/Matrix/Palette.

2. Fill in entries with expressions containing FilledSquare objects. Enter each FilledSquare using the alias EscapeKeysplEscapeKey, where spl stands for selection placeholder.

3. Select the palette, and choose Input RightTriangleCreate Button RightTriangleEvaluate.

4. Choose File RightTriangleGenerate Palette from Selection.

To use the palette:

1. Select the expression to be evaluated.

2. Click a button on the palette.

The selected expression replaces the placeholder, and the resulting expression is evaluated. The result is pasted into the notebook in place of the previously selected text.

To edit a palette:

You can use Input RightTriangleEdit Button to edit a palette.


Bullet You can set up active palettes or buttons in a notebook using Cell RightTriangleCell Properties RightTriangleCell Active.

Bullet You can convert a palette back to a notebook using File RightTriangleGenerate Notebook from Palette.

Bullet To save a palette, click the Close button. You will be prompted to save the palette.

Bullet In addition to EscapeKey spl EscapeKey, you can use EscapeKey pl EscapeKey to enter a placeholder for additional fields.

For more information

Bullet Active elements in notebooks: The Mathematica Book, Section 1.3.6.