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New in Version 5

Mathematica Version 5 introduces important extensions to the Mathematica system, especially in scope and scalability of numeric and symbolic computation. Building on the core language and extensive algorithm knowledge base of Mathematica, Version 5 introduces a new generation of advanced algorithms for a wide range of numeric and symbolic operations.

Numerical Computation

FilledSmallSquare Major optimization of dense numerical linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare New optimized sparse numerical linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare Support for optimized arbitrary-precision linear algebra.

FilledSmallSquare Generalized eigenvalues and singular value decomposition.

FilledSmallSquare LinearSolveFunction for repeated linear-system solving.

FilledSmallSquare norms for vectors and matrices.

FilledSmallSquare Built-in MatrixRank for exact and approximate matrices.

FilledSmallSquare Support for large-scale linear programming, with interior point methods.

FilledSmallSquare New methods and array variable support in FindRoot and FindMinimum.

FilledSmallSquare FindFit for full nonlinear curve fitting.

FilledSmallSquare Constrained global optimization with NMinimize.

FilledSmallSquare Support for -dimensional PDEs in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Support for differential-algebraic equations in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Support for vector and array-valued functions in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Highly extensive collection of automatically accessible algorithms in NDSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Finer precision and accuracy control for arbitrary-precision numbers.

FilledSmallSquare Higher-efficiency big number arithmetic, including processor-specific optimization.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced algorithms for number-theoretical operations including GCD and FactorInteger.

FilledSmallSquare Direct support for high-performance basic statistics functions.

Symbolic Computation

FilledSmallSquare Solutions to mixed systems of equations and inequalities in Reduce.

FilledSmallSquare Complete solving of polynomial systems over real or complex numbers.

FilledSmallSquare Solving large classes of Diophantine equations.

FilledSmallSquare ForAll and Exists quantifiers and quantifier elimination.

FilledSmallSquare Representation of discrete and continuous algebraic and transcendental solution sets.

FilledSmallSquare FindInstance for finding instances of solutions over different domains.

FilledSmallSquare Exact constrained minimization over real and integer domains.

FilledSmallSquare Integrated support for assumptions using Assuming and Refine.

FilledSmallSquare RSolve for solving recurrence equations.

FilledSmallSquare Support for nonlinear, partial and difference equations and systems.

FilledSmallSquare Full solutions to systems of rational ordinary differential equations.

FilledSmallSquare Support for differential-algebraic equations.

FilledSmallSquare CoefficientArrays for converting systems of equations to tensors.

Programming and Core System

FilledSmallSquare Integrated language support for sparse arrays.

FilledSmallSquare New list programming with Sow and Reap.

FilledSmallSquare EvaluationMonitor and StepMonitor for algorithm monitoring.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced timing measurement, including AbsoluteTiming.

FilledSmallSquare Major performance enhancements for MathLink.

FilledSmallSquare Optimization for 64-bit operating systems and architectures.

FilledSmallSquare Support for computations in full 64-bit address spaces.


FilledSmallSquare Support for more than 50 import and export formats.

FilledSmallSquare High-efficiency import and export of tabular data.

FilledSmallSquare PNG, SVG and DICOM graphics and imaging formats.

FilledSmallSquare Import and export of sparse matrix formats.

FilledSmallSquare MPS linear programming format.

FilledSmallSquare Cascading style sheets and XHTML for notebook exporting.

FilledSmallSquare Preview version of .NET/Link for integration with .NET.

Notebook Interface

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced Help Browser design.

FilledSmallSquare Automatic copy/paste switching for Windows.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced support for slide show presentation.

FilledSmallSquare AuthorTools support for notebook diffs.

Standard Add-on Packages

FilledSmallSquare Statistical plots and graphics.

FilledSmallSquare Algebraic number fields.

New in Versions 4.1 and 4.2

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced pattern matching of sequence objects.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced optimizer for built-in Mathematica compiler.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced continued fraction computation.

FilledSmallSquare Greatly enhanced DSolve.

FilledSmallSquare Additional TraditionalForm formats.

FilledSmallSquare Efficiency increases for multivariate polynomial operations.

FilledSmallSquare Support for import and export of DXF, STL, FITS and STDS data formats.

FilledSmallSquare Full support for CSV format import and export.

FilledSmallSquare Support for UTF character encodings.

FilledSmallSquare Extensive support for XML, including SymbolicXML subsystem and NotebookML.

FilledSmallSquare Native support for evaluation and formatting of Nand and Nor.

FilledSmallSquare High-efficiency CellularAutomaton function.

FilledSmallSquare J/Link MathLink-based Java capabilities.

FilledSmallSquare MathMLForm and extended MathML support.

FilledSmallSquare Extended simplification of Floor, Erf, ProductLog and related functions.

FilledSmallSquare Integration over regions defined by inequalities.

FilledSmallSquare Integration of piecewise functions.

FilledSmallSquare Standard package for visualization of regions defined by inequalities.

FilledSmallSquare ANOVA standard add-on package.

FilledSmallSquare Enhanced Combinatorica add-on package.

FilledSmallSquare AuthorTools notebook authoring environment.