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A.13.2 Between Versions 1 and 2

FilledSmallSquare 260 new built-in objects have been added, some of whose names may conflict with names already being used.

FilledSmallSquare Accumulate has been superseded by FoldList; Fold has been added.

FilledSmallSquare Condition (/;) can now be used in individual patterns as well as in complete rules, and does not evaluate by default.

FilledSmallSquare The functionality of Release has been split between Evaluate and ReleaseHold.

FilledSmallSquare Compose has been superseded by Composition.

FilledSmallSquare Debug has been superseded by Trace and related functions.

FilledSmallSquare Power no longer automatically makes transformations such as Sqrt[x^2]x.

FilledSmallSquare Limit now by default remains unevaluated if it encounters an unknown function.

FilledSmallSquare Mod now handles only numbers; PolynomialMod handles polynomials.

FilledSmallSquare CellArray has been superseded by Raster and RasterArray.

FilledSmallSquare FontForm takes a slightly different form of font specification.

FilledSmallSquare Framed has been superseded by Frame and related options.

FilledSmallSquare ContourLevels and ContourSpacing have been superseded by Contours.

FilledSmallSquare Plot3Matrix has been superseded by ViewCenter and ViewVertical.

FilledSmallSquare FromASCII and ToASCII have been superseded by FromCharacterCode and ToCharacterCode respectively.

FilledSmallSquare Alias has been superseded by $PreRead.

FilledSmallSquare ResetMedium has been subsumed in SetOptions, and $$Media has been superseded by Streams.

FilledSmallSquare StartProcess has been superseded by Install and by MathLink.

FilledSmallSquare Additional parts devoted to Mathematica as a programming language, and to examples of Mathematica packages, have been dropped from The Mathematica Book.