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DoubleStruckCapitalA ... DoubleStruckCapitalZ

DoubleStruckCapitalA ... DoubleStruckCapitalZ \[DoubleStruckCapitalA] ... \[DoubleStruckCapitalZ]

FilledSmallSquare Aliases: AliasIndicatordsAAliasIndicator through AliasIndicatordsZAliasIndicator.

FilledSmallSquare Letters.

FilledSmallSquare Treated as distinct characters rather than style modifications of ordinary letters.

FilledSmallSquare , , , , , are used respectively to denote the sets of natural numbers, integers, rationals, reals, complex numbers and quaternions.

FilledSmallSquare Contiguous character codes from the private Unicode character range are used, even though a few capital double-struck characters are included in ordinary Unicode.

FilledSmallSquare See Section 3.10.3.

FilledSmallSquare See also: \[GothicCapitalA] , \[ScriptCapitalA] , etc.