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| \[VerticalBar]

FilledSmallSquare Alias: AliasIndicator|AliasIndicator.

FilledSmallSquare Infix operator.

FilledSmallSquare x y is by default interpreted as VerticalBar[x, y].

FilledSmallSquare Used in mathematics to indicate that x divides y.

FilledSmallSquare Also sometimes called Sheffer stroke, and used to indicate logical NAND.

FilledSmallSquare Not the same as \[VerticalSeparator], which is drawn longer.

FilledSmallSquare Not the same as \[LeftBracketingBar] and \[RightBracketingBar], which are drawn with a small tee to indicate their direction.

FilledSmallSquare AliasIndicator|AliasIndicator is the alias for \[VerticalSeparator]. The alias for \[VerticalBar] has a space at the beginning.

FilledSmallSquare See Section 1.10.8 and Section 3.10.4.

FilledSmallSquare See also: \[RawVerticalBar] , \[Nand] , \[NotVerticalBar] , \[DoubleVerticalBar] , \[Backslash] , \[HorizontalLine] .