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Mathematica Notebooks

Every Mathematica notebook is a complete interactive document which combines text, tables, graphics, calculations, and other elements.

Your notebooks are automatically organized in a hierarchy of cells. You can close groups of cells so you see only their headings. You can use hyperlinks to jump within a notebook or between notebooks. You can assign each cell a style from a style sheet. Your Mathematica notebooks are automatically retargeted for screen or printout--optimizing fonts and layout for each medium. Mathematica provides hundreds of options that allow you to give notebooks any look you want and to generate full publication-quality documents.

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Like other objects in Mathematica, the cells in a notebook, and in fact the whole notebook itself, are all ultimately represented as Mathematica expressions. With the standard notebook front end, you can use the command Show Expression to see the text of the Mathematica expression that corresponds to any particular cell.

The Mathematica language can be used to specify all aspects of notebooks. This is how Mathematica represents a cell.

This tells Mathematica to print three cells in subsection style.