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Palettes and Buttons

Palettes and buttons provide a simple but fully customizable point-and-click interface to Mathematica.

Mathematica comes with a collection of ready-to-use standard palettes.

Part of the standard Basic Calculations palette.

An International Characters palette for European characters.

Palettes work like extensions to your keyboard.

Clicking the Epsilon button inserts an Epsilon into your notebook.

Here is a working version of the palette.

In a palette like this, the Epsilon indicates where the current selection should be inserted.

Clicking the button takes the highlighted selection and wraps a square root around it.

Here is a working version of the palette.

It is easy to create your own custom palettes.

Palettes can be part of a notebook or stand alone.

You can make custom palettes to execute any function or manipulate any expression.

Clicking the button immediately factors in place the expression you have selected.

Here is a working version of the palette.