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What Is AuthorTools?

AuthorTools is an add-on package that simplifies the creation of technical books and articles in Mathematica. The package contains functions to process notebooks for print or online publication. Using AuthorTools, you can:

  • create a table of contents
  • create an index
  • create a browser categories file (for adding information to the Help Browser)
  • create bilaterally formatted cells (for displaying examples of Mathematica calculations)
  • find all differences between any two notebooks
  • extract all cells of a particular type and save them in a desired format
  • insert objects to display the current values of variables such as the date, time, and filename
  • set printing options such as headers and footers

Most of these operations can be done either on a single notebook or a set of notebooks that make up a project. For example, you can generate a unified index or table of contents for a book consisting of several notebooks.

The AuthorTools package consists of about sixty functions and ten palettes. The palettes provide an easy point-and-click interface for performing most common tasks. However, advanced users might prefer to type and evaluate functions directly because some functions are not accessible from the palettes.

The documentation is organized into three parts: