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Power Computing with Mathematica

Even though you can use it as easily as a calculator, Mathematica gives you access to immense computational power.

This creates a 500 x 500 matrix of random numbers. The semicolon at the end tells Mathematica not to print the matrix.

On most computers it takes Mathematica only a second or so to compute all the eigenvalues of the matrix and plot them.

Mathematica can handle numbers of any size.

This works out a numerical 100-digit approximation to pi.

Mathematica can work with formulas of any length--solving problems that would have taken years by hand.

This asks Mathematica to factor a polynomial.

Mathematica calls on sophisticated algorithms to simplify formulas.

Mathematica has achieved world records--for both size and speed--in many kinds of computations.

Mathematica takes only a few seconds to work out how many ways a billion can be partitioned into sums--a frontier number theory calculation.