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BarChart3D[{{z11, z12, ...}, {z21, z22, ...}, ...}]
generates a three-dimensional bar chart using the matrix of heights zij.
BarChart3D[{{{z11, style11}, ...}, ...}]
uses a specific style for each bar.
BarChart3D[{{{x1, y1, z1}, style1}, ...}]
generates a bar chart of bars scattered at specific x and y coordinates with height z and a specific style.
  • BarChart3D has the same options as Graphics3D, with the following additions and changes:
BarSpacing0space between bars in the x and y directions
BarEdgesTruewhether to draw the edges of bars
BarEdgeStyleGrayLevel[0]style for edges of bars
BarStyleGrayLevel[1]style for faces of bars
Chart an array of heights:
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